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Chemical Bath

ModGregTech 5
TypeTile entity
Tooltip textBathing Ores in Chemicals to separate them

The Chemical Bath is a multipurpose machine from GregTech 5. It is capable of using chemicals like Mercury and Sodium Persulfate, to gain more byproduct from most crushed ores with a 70% chance, unlike the Ore Washing Plant, which has 100% of getting 1/9th of dust, or Chlorine, to wash away dyes on Wool, Glass and Glass Panes.

The Chemical Bath is also able to produce Paper more efficiently, as well as automating Hydrated Coal Dust production and crafting Reinforced Stone, since GregTech 5 alters its recipe. Moreover, if Railcraft is installed, utility recipes for Creosote Wood Blocks and Wooden Ties are added.


Like every electric machine in GregTech 5, the Chemical Bath comes in 5 variants, one for each voltage from Low to Insane.

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