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This page is about the Cheese added by GrowthCraft. For other uses, see Cheese.


Cheese is a food added by Growthcraft. It has a complex creation process.

User guides

Quick Cheese-making process checklist

This is based on the quick guide by Killerjdog51.

  1. Place the Cheese Vat over a heat source
  2. Fill the Cheese Vat with 5 buckets (20 bottles) of Milk
  3. Place 1 Starter Culture into the Cheese Vat
  4. Place at least 1 bottle of Rennet into the Cheese Vat
  5. Right click the Cheese Vat with a sword (to cut the curds)
  6. Wait for liquid in the Cheese Vat to turn green, this is Whey fluid
  7. Extract the Whey from the Cheese Vat with a bucket
  8. Insert cheese flavoring agents into the Cheese Vat.
  9. Wait for the Cheese Vat contents to change color again, reflecting the final cheese type.
  10. Right click the Cheese Vat with a Cheese Cloth to extract your Cheese Curds. This should completely drain the vat.
  11. Hang Cheese Curds from the underside of a block to drain the excess whey still soaked into the cheese. This whey can be captured for further use by placing a Pancheon underneath.
  12. When the Cheese Curds stop dripping Whey, they are drained. Right click the curds to take them back.
  13. Place the drained curds into a cheese press and crank it down
  14. After about 2 minutes or so the curds will be done; you must un-crank the cheese press to get your cheese out. Right click with your hand to have an unaged cheese block
  15. Place the unaged cheese block on ground; after about 2 minutes it will change texture and be ready (unless its Cheddar or Monterey, in that case you have to wax the cheese before it will age).

Cheese Flavoring

Cheese must have flavoring agents added to it after the Whey is drained and before the cheese curds are extracted.

Cheese Agent
Appenzeller 1 x Salt, 1 x Bucket of Wine or 1 Bucket of Cider
Asiago 2 x Salt, 1 x Yellow Dye
Chedder 1 x Salt, 1 x Starter Culture, 1 x Orange Dye (any dyeOrange)
Gorgonzola 1 x Salt, 1 x Fruit (any foodFruit)
Monterey 1 x Salt, 1 x Red Dye (any dyeRed)
Parmesan 1 x Salt, 1 x White Dye (any dyeWhite)
Swiss 1 x Salt, 1 x Wheat

Cheese Waxing

Cheddar and Montery must also be waxed. This step is performed at the end, just after the unaged block is placed on the ground. Beeswax is made by placing 9 GrowthCraft empty Honey comb in the crafting grid. It can be dyed either red or black for waxing cheese - no other colors will work. The wax is held in hand and right-clicked on the unaged cheese block. It will then begin to age.

From Chump to Cheesery: a step by step tutorial for GrowthcraftCE Milk cheese making, for GrowthcraftCE 2.5.2

By Syndaryl

Craft your tools:

  1. Craft 1 sword (you can use an existing sword - I keep a wood one handy because my modded tools don't count)
  2. Craft bottles - It's convenient to have 3. You can get by with one if you have a fluid container for cream, but Growthcraft usually wants for lots of bottles.
  3. Craft buckets - it's convenient to have 6. You can get by with less if you have at least 6 buckets of storage in tanks.
  4. Create two brew kettles
    1. Create two cauldrons. Craft each cauldron by itself to create two Brew kettles. The kettle requires a hot block underneath it - any block on fire or a block of lava are two vanilla choices. It's recommended to burn netherrack instead of e.g. wood as you will burn through a lot of wood otherwise.
  5. Create a cheese vat
    1. Craft one of those brew kettles by itself to create the cheese vat. Keep the other, you need it. The cheese vat requires heating, just like the brew kettle.
  6. Craft a Culture Jar
    1. This is crafted out of a cauldron shape using panes of glass, with a wood plank in the top center (think a "cork"). It accepts mod added glass panes and mod added planks. Like the kettle and the vat, the culture jar requires heating.
  7. Craft a Pancheon - this is used for separating milk, and collecting drained whey.
    1. This is crafted out of a boat shape using balls of clay. It does not need heating.
  8. Craft a Cheese cloth
    1. This is crafted out of a hollow box shape using string. It must have the empty cell in the middle.
  9. Craft a Cheese Press
    1. You need 3 wood slabs, one chest, and 5 iron ingots. Put a row of wood slabs on the bottom of the grid. Put the chest in the center. Fill the other slots with iron ingots, in an upside-down boat shape. The cheese press does not need heating. It has a nice animation.

Collect and craft ingredients:

  1. Collect Milk
    1. You will need five buckets of milk for the cheese, and a sixth bucket of milk for making your starter culture.
  2. Collect either one thistle or one calf's stomach, for making rennet. Rennet is what actually curdles the casien in the Milk to make chesse. Calves stomachs produce an enzyme to do this, as does the thistle plant.
    1. When you find thistle, don't harvest all the thistle at once, it spreads itself and thus is renewable.
    2. Alternately breed and kill a calf before it matures into a cow. The calf has a chance to drop some stomachs - the default chances are 25% chance of dropping 2-4 stomachs (cows have four stomachs, animal rennet is made from calf stomachs).
  3. Collect flavoring agents
    1. You will need at least one salt (2 salt if you want to make Asiago cheese). Salt is made by collecting a bucket of water from an ocean biome, and then boiling it in a furnace. Mod-added salts such as from Pams Harvestcraft or Mechanism may also be used.
    2. You will also need one other flavor agent - see https://github.com/GrowthcraftCE/Growthcraft-1.7/wiki/Growthcraft-Milk-Cheese-Production#cheese-recipes for the full list of recipes.

Make Cheese!

  1. Create rennet
    1. Brew a stomach or a thistle in a Brew kettle with a bucket of water. This produces a bucket of rennet. Remove the bucket of rennet by right clicking on the kettle with an empty bucket.
    2. Other rennet liquids may also be used instead of Growthcraft rennet if tagged correctly.
  2. Separate Milk into cream and skim milk
    1. Put a bucket of milk into the Pancheon and wait for it to separate; you can tell when it's done as the milk turns slightly more yellow-cream colored (If you are colour blind, I recommend installing WAILA - it will show a progress indicator). Right-click your three bottles on the Pancheon, and you will get first a bottle of cream, and then two bottles of skim milk. Set the cream aside for other crafting.
  3. Create starter culture.
    1. Right click the two bottles of skim milk on the Culture Jar to empty the skim milk into it. Leave the Culture Jar over heat, and the skim milk will be consumed and turned into a Starter Culture. There will be some waste skim milk.
  4. Put rennet, five buckets of milk, and starter culture in the cheese vat by holding them and right clicking on the vat. Make sure there is heat under the cheese vat.
  5. Right click on the vat with a sword. Wait.
  6. Once the mixture separates into whey (darker greenish) and curds, bucket out the whey (you can use that to make another kind of cheese later, or throw it out).
  7. Add your flavoring agents, then right click on the vat with a cheesecloth to remove the cheese curds.
    1. The number of each flavoring agent matters, so be careful. Earlier versions had a bug where the order of ingredients mattered - if it's not working, update to the latest development build.
  8. Hang the cheese curds from the underside of a block to drain excess whey.
    1. If you hang them over your Pancheon, the Pancheon will collect whey for you. Otherwise the whey is lost.
  9. Place the curds in the press by right clicking on the press.
  10. Hold Something In Your Hand and then right click on the press to make it press the cheese (if you don't hold something, it will take the cheese curds out instead of pressing it). Wait, and the press will produce a young cheese.
  11. Place the young cheese block and wait, and it will age. Some kinds of cheese (EG cheddar, Monterrey Jack) need a waxed rind to age - wax is obtained from beekeeping.