Chat Tweaks

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Chat Tweaks
Modicon BetterMinecraftChat.png
Current developersBlayTheNinth
Version1.12.2: 5.1.25
1.12.1: 5.1.2
1.12: 5.1.8
1.11.2: 4.1.44
1.10.2: 4.1.10
1.10: 4.1.1
1.9.4: 2.0.5
1.9: 1.0.8
Supported Minecraft versions1.9-1.12.2

Chat Tweaks (formerly BetterMinecraftChat) is a mod created by BlayTheNinth. It extends the Minecraft chat to include emotes, image previews, filters, timestamps, and other features.


  • Emoji: a collection of emoji is available in the chat, taken from Twitch, BetterTTV, older emoji contained in EiraMoticons, and emoji submitted by BlayTheNinth's Patreon supporters.


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