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This page is about the Charm added by Cyclic. For other uses, see Charm.

Charms are a group of utility items added by Cyclic that grant various buffs to the player when active and held in the player's inventory or worn as a Bauble.


Charms can be toggled on and off by right-clicking them in any inventory. Right-clicking while holding the Charm in one's hand does not toggle it. Active charms have an enchantment overlay over their icon. Charms only apply their effect to the player when they are active (toggled on) and either in the player's inventory or worn as a Bauble.

Passive Charms

Passive charms such as the Air Charm and Speed Charm take damage to their durability per tick at random while their effect is active. For example, the speed charm takes damage at random while the player is moving and affected by the charm.

Charm Damage Chance
Air Charm 10%
Sailor Charm 10%
Speed Charm 0.05%

Other Charms

Charms that apply potion effects, like the Fire Charm (Fire Resistance) and the Water Charm (Water Breathing) and Charms that perform an action like the Void Charm will take durability damage every time the Charm's effect is applied. The potion effect lasts 10 seconds, and is renewed if the charm is still triggered.


By default, Charms cannot be repaired on the Anvil. Charms can be repaired by any device capable of restoring item durability, such as the Powered Diamond Anvil.

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