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Charge Station

Next tier
Max EU input32 EU/t
Max MJ input20 MJ/t

The Charge Station is a machine added by MiscPeripherals. It is able to recharge Turtles resting on the dotted sides. In comparison to the built-in refuel command the Charge Station is able to use various energy sources, most notably energy networks that use Minecraft Joules (MJ) or Energy Units (EU). It is available in multiple versions which differ by the amount of Turtles that can be recharged at the same time and the size of the internal buffer. A higher tier station recharges a single Turtle faster but always with a maximum of 1 fuel per tick.

This version is able to recharge one Turtle at a time, the internal buffer stores up to 500 units and for IC2 it accepts up to low voltage power.