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Charge Spell Bullet


The Charge Spell Bullet is an item added by Psi. It can store one spell in its memory and be loaded into a Casting Assistant Device (CAD) or a Psimetal tool or armor. When cast, this Bullet will lob a projectile affected by gravity. The spell is cast when the player uses a Spell Detonator with 32 blocks of the projectile.



Once a spell has been programmed, it can overwrite the current spell it has with a new one when it is right-clicked on a Spell Programmer; if a small beep plays, then the spell has been successfully added to the Spell Bullet. The spell can also be changed if the player shift right-clicks on the Spell Programmer while wielding a CAD that currently has the Bullet selected.

Charge Spell Bullets can be added to a CAD in a CAD Assembler by dragging them to empty sockets in a fully assembled CAD.


The Charge Spell Bullet only consumes your PSI Meter when deploying the projectile itself and NOT when detonating it. This can allow a large amount of spell bullets to be detonated at once by taking breaks to recharge the PSI Meter.

Some example usages include applying multiple effects (with different charge spells), creating many lightning strikes at once, or launching the player (or any entity, for that matter) extreme distances.

In later versions of the mod, the Detonate trick is also present, allowing a long line of charges to be detonated very quickly.

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