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Charcoal Pit

ModGregTech 5 Unofficial
TypeMultiblock structure

The Charcoal Pit is a multiblock structure added by GregTech 5 Unofficial for producing Charcoal. A single Charcoal Pit can produce 11x11x5=605 blocks of brittle charcoal at a time. The Charcoal Pit does not need any kind of energy.



What follows is a simplified description of the Charcoal Pit multiblock. The multiblock affords a great deal of freedom in its layout and an accurate description would be more confusing than helpful.

The Charcoal Pit multiblock may be up to seven layers high. The bottom layer must be brick blocks in any size and shape up to an 11x11 square. Above the brick floor there must be a solid mass of logs, up to 5 layers high. The Charcoal Pile Igniter must be placed on the top of the center of the logs. Then, all exposed faces of log blocks must be covered with dirt or grass. When the multiblock is complete, the Charcoal Pile Igniter will brighten and begin animating.

Note that the height of the log pile is not related to the size of the pit's brick floor; 3x3x1, 3x3x5, 11x11x1, and 11x11x5 are all valid sizes for the logs.


The time taken for the Igniter to burn all of the logs in the pile is proportional to the square root of the logs' volume. A maximum-sized 11x11x5 volume of logs takes nearly 10 minutes to ignite 605 logs, while a 3x3x1 volume takes just over a minute to ignite 9 logs. The smallest possible charcoal pit takes 24 seconds to ignite a single log. Thus, larger piles will produce more charcoal per minute than smaller ones.

After the Charcoal Pile Igniter finishes animating, all of the logs beneath it will be turned to Brittle Charcoal. Breaking Brittle Charcoal with an Axe will drop 1-2 charcoal. This amount is not increased by Fortune enchantments. After breaking all of the Brittle Charcoal, fill all of the empty space with Logs again and restore the Dirt seal around them to reactivate the Igniter.

An Axe with a Mining Speed of at least 8.0 will break Brittle Charcoal instantly.