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Chance Cube

ModChance Cubes
TypeTile entity
Blast resistanceInfinity

The Chance Cube is a block added by Chance Cubes. They generate randomly around the world on the surface and emit light. A random effect will occur when the Cube is broken.

A Chance Cube placed down in-game.


Potential outcomes

Name Description Added
chancecubes:redstone_diamond Drops 1 redstone and 1 diamond 0.0.1
chancecubes:exp 100 points of EXP 0.0.1
chancecubes:poison Poison II status effect in a 30 block radius 0.0.1
chancecubes:chat_message In chat: "You have escaped the wrath of the Chance Cubes.........", "For now...." 0.0.1
chancecubes:nuke TNT rain 0.0.1
chancecubes:5_prongs Spawns 4 Chance Cubes and 1 Icosahedron atop 5 prongs of quartz blocks 0.0.1
chancecubes:wool Spawns 16 blocks of each color of wool 0.0.1
chancecubes:cake Spawns a cake and asks "But is it a lie?" and has a 10% chance to turn into a Creeper when eaten 0.0.1
chancecubes:enchanting Drops an enchantment table 0.0.1
chancecubes:bookshelves Drops 64 bookshelves 0.0.1
chancecubes:ores_galore Drops 1 of each vanilla ore 0.0.1
chancecubes:roosevelts_stick Drops a stick with Sharpness V named "A Big Stick" 0.0.1
chancecubes:half_fishing_rod Drops a half-used fishing rod 0.0.1
chancecubes:notch Drops 1 Golden Apple named "Notch" 0.0.1
chancecubes:nether_star Drops 1 Nether Star named "North Star" 0.0.1
chancecubes:have_another Drops 3 Chance Cubes with the message "I hear you like Chance Cubes.", "So I put some Chance Cubes in your Chance Cubes!" 0.0.1
chancecubes:icosahedron Drops a Chance Icosahedron 0.0.1
chancecubes:saplings Drops 16 of each sapling with the message "Seems you have purchased the saplings DLC" 0.0.1
chancecubes:farmer Drops an iron hoe, a bucket, and 16 wheat seeds with the message "Time to Farm" 0.0.1
chancecubes:rancher Drops 32 fences, a cow, chicken, and a pig spawn egg 0.0.1
chancecubes:fighter Drops an iron sword and iron armor with the message "SPARTAAA!!!" 0.0.1
chancecubes:explorer Drops a compass, clock, 64 torches and an iron pickaxe with the message "Let's go on a journey!" 0.0.1
chancecubes:mitas Drops an assortment of golden items 0.0.1
chancecubes:horde Spawns a horde of zombies with the message "Release the horde!" 0.0.1
chancecubes:rain Makes it rain and sets the time to night 0.0.1
chancecubes:divine_sword Drops a diamond sword with 2 durability, Sharpness 10, Unbreaking 10 and the name "The Divine Sword" 0.0.1
chancecubes:anvil_rain Spawns an 11x11 box of cobblestone around the player and drops anvils from the sky 0.0.1
chancecubes:bedrock Replaces the Chance Cube with a piece of Bedrock 0.0.1
chancecubes:herobrine Sends a chat message saying Herobrine has joined the game followed by a message from Herobrine. Herobrine then has a 10% chance to spawn into the world, if not, he leaves the game 0.0.1
chancecubes:tnt_structure Spawns falling TNT blocks with redstone blocks falling on top shortly after 0.0.1
chancecubes:surrounded Surrounds the player with Enderman 0.0.1
chancecubes:random_teleport Teleports the player to a random location within 20 - 50 blocks 0.0.1
chancecubes:troll_hole Removes the ground below the player, but before they hit the bottom, it teleports them back to the surface and replaces the blocks that were removed 0.0.1
chancecubes:math Forces the player to answer a math question and the player gets 7 seconds to respond or they are killed 0.0.1
chancecubes:cookie_monster Spawns cookies and then spawns a baby zombie named "The Cookie Monster" 0.0.1
chancecubes:lava_ring Places lava surrounding the player 0.0.1
chancecubes:one_shot Drops a bow with 1 durability, Power V, Punch III, and Flame II 0.0.1
chancecubes:silverfish_surround Surrounds the player with silverfish blocks 0.0.1
chancecubes:fish_dog Drops raw fish and a wolf egg 0.0.1
chancecubes:bone_cat Drops bones and a ocelot egg 0.0.1
chancecubes:sethbling_reward Drops redstone related items with the message "Welcome back, SethBling here :)" 0.0.1
chancecubes:pssst Spawns a creeper with the message "Pssssst.... Over here!" 0.0.1
chancecubes:xp_crystal Spawns an Ender Crystal riding an exp orb 0.0.1
chancecubes:tnt_cat Spawns an ocelot with tnt on it 0.0.1
chancecubes:slime_man Spawns 3 slimes named "SlimeMan" in a snowman configuration 0.0.1
chancecubes:sail_away Spawns a boat a top a block of water 0.0.1
chancecubes:witch Spawns a witch 0.0.1
chancecubes:spawn_cluckington Spawns a chicken named "Cluckington" with a baby zombie named "Wyld" with the player head riding it 0.0.1
chancecubes:spawn_jerry Spawns a slime named "Jerry" 0.0.1
chancecubes:spawn_glenn Spawns a zombie named "Glenn" 0.0.1
chancecubes:spawn_dr_trayaurus Spawns a villager named "Dr Trayaurus" 1.4.1
chancecubes:spawn_pickles Spawns a baby mooshroom named "Pickles" 1.6.2
chancecubes:want_to_build_a_snowman Drops snow blocks and a pumpkin and says "Do you want to build a snowman?" 1.0.0
chancecubes:diamond_block Spawns a falling diamond block after a delay 1.0.0
chancecubes:finding_nemo Drops a clownfish named Nemo 1.0.0
chancecubes:tnt_diamond Spawns TNT in the center of blocks of diamond 1.0.0
chancecubes:anti_slab Places a 3x3 of obsidian above the player 1.0.0
chancecubes:finding_marlin Drops a clownfish named Marlin 1.0.0
chancecubes:chance_cube_cube Places a 2x2x2 of chance cubes 1.0.1
chancecubes:troll_tnt Places a 5x5 of string around the player and a TNT that says "BOOM" before fake exploding(with a 20% chance to actually blow up) 1.0.1
chancecubes:wither Spawns in a wither named "Kiwi" or "Keehan" with a 10% chance of staying in the world 1.0.1
chancecubes:fake_tnt Plays the sound of TNT being primed 1.0.1
chancecubes:invisible_ghasts Plays sounds of ghasts 1.0.1
chancecubes:no Says "No" and replaces the Chance Cube 1.1.1
chancecubes:invisible_creeper Spawns an invisible creeper 1.2.2
chancecubes:fire_aspect_fire Gives the player a Fire Charge called "Why not?" with Fire Aspect II 1.2.2
chancecubes:surrounded_creeper Surrounds the player with Creepers that have a 10% chance to be charged 1.2.2
chancecubes:half_heart Sets the player's health to half a heart 1.2.2
chancecubes:wait_for_it Says "Wait for it..." then after a long delay spawns a lit TNT block at the player's position 1.3.1
chancecubes:charged_creeper Spawns a Charged Creeper 1.3.1
chancecubes:ender_crystal_timer Spawns an ender crystal with an arrow falling to hit it 1.3.1
chancecubes:knockback_zombie Spawns a zombie named "Leonidas" with a Knockback XX stick 1.3.3
chancecubes:clear_inventory Clears the player's inventory 1.3.5
chancecubes:beacon_build Builds a tier 2 beacon 1.3.6
chancecubes:item_of_destiny Selects a random item and enchants it with a random enchant 1.4.1
chancecubes:thrown_in_air Launches the player 60 blocks into the air 1.4.1
chancecubes:exp_shower Spawns in exp orbs 1.4.1
chancecubes:disco Spawns rainbow sheep, random wool blocks for a floor and a Chance Icosahedron 1.4.3
chancecubes:inventory_bomb Drops all of your items from your inventory and fills the player's inventory with dead bushes 1.4.3
chancecubes:actual_invisible_ghast Spawns in an invisible ghast 1.4.4
chancecubes:giga_breaker Gives the player a wooden pickaxe named "Giga Breaker", with Efficiency X and Fortune III 1.4.4
chancecubes:biodome GIANT Builds a glass dome with a random biome inside 1.5.1
chancecubes:tnt_throw GIANT Throws a lot of TNT 1.5.1
chancecubes:throwables GIANT Throws lit TNT, fire charges, arrows, eggs, and sheep named "jeb_" randomly in all directions 1.5.1
chancecubes:giant_chance_cube Builds a Giant Chance Cube 1.5.4
chancecubes:chuck_reverse GIANT Inverts all of the blocks in a chunk into their opposites (i.e Stone to Cobblestone) 1.5.4
chancecubes:floor_is_lava GIANT Changes all blocks in a radius to lava 1.5.4
chancecubes:ore_pillars GIANT Creates pillars of ore 1.5.4
chancecubes:fireworks Spawns in fireworks 1.6.1
chancecubes:hearts Spawns heart particles 1.6.1
chancecubes:explosion Spawns explosion particles 1.6.1
chancecubes:chunk_flip GIANT Flips the chunk upside down 1.6.1
chancecubes:string Spawns an 11x5x11 grid of string 1.6.2
chancecubes:tnt_bats Summons TNT riding Bats 1.6.2
chancecubes:nether_jelly_fish Spawns Magma Slimes riding Bats that are named "Nether Jelly Fish" 1.6.2
chancecubes:no_exp Takes all of the player's exp with the message "RIP EXP" 1.6.2
chancecubes:pig_of_destiny Spawns in a pig with Thorns C 1.6.2
chancecubes:squid_horde Spawns in a horde of squids with 3x3x3 area of water 1.6.2
chancecubes:smite Strikes the player with lightning and says "Thou has been smitten" 1.6.2
chancecubes:path_to_succeed Creates a cobblestone path, at the end of which is a sign that says "The Path to Succeed" 1.6.2
chancecubes:juke_box Places a jukebox and starts playing a random record 1.6.2
chancecubes:d-rude_sandStorm Spawns a 5x3x5 of falling sand on the player 1.6.2
chancecubes:book_of_memes Gives the player a book with a random meme 1.6.2
chancecubes:table_flip Flips a table 2.0.0
chancecubes:raining_potions GIANT Spawns potions with the chat message of "It's called art! Look it up!" 2.0.0
chancecubes:torches_to_creepers Turns light emitting blocks to Creepers 2.0.0
chancecubes:ore_sphere GIANT Spawns a sphere/ball of a random ore 2.0.0
chancecubes:maze Spawns a bedrock maze that the player must solve within 45 seconds or else they die. 2.0.1
chancecubes:diy_pie Spawns a pumpkin, sugar cane, and a chicken 2.1.0
chancecubes:help_me Spawns a trapped villager with lit TNT 2.1.0
chancecubes:one_is_lucky Spawns 2 Chance Cubes with the message "A Lucky Block Salute", 1 cube has a 100 chance value and the other has a -100 chance value, and only one can be broken 2.1.0
chancecubes:rotten_food Changes all food in the player's inventory to rotten flesh 2.1.0
chancecubes:sky_block Spawns and places the player on a skyblock above where the cube was opened 2.1.3
chancecubes:item_rename Renames random items from the player's inventory 2.1.3
chancecubes:watch_world_burn Places a 7x7 square of fire on the player 2.2.1
chancecubes:question Asks the player a question and kills them if they get it wrong 2.2.1
chancecubes:spongebob_squarepants Drops a Sponge named "SpongeBob" and Leather Pants named "SquarePants" 2.3.2
chancecubes:hot_tub Spawns water that later turns into lava 2.3.2
chancecubes:quidditch Spawns Witches riding Bats 2.3.2
chancecubes:one_man_army Spawns a Zombie Pigman with lots of other invisible Pigmen 2.3.2
chancecubes:double_rainbow Spawns a double rainbow 2.3.2
chancecubes:wolves_to_creepers Spawns a bunch of wolves that turn into creepers 2.3.2
chancecubes:did_you_know Spawns a book with a random interesting fact 2.3.3
chancecubes:cuteness Spawns in 20 rabbits with the name "Fluffy" and says in chat "Cuteness overload!" 2.3.3
chancecubes:silvermite_stacks spawns stacks of silverfish and endermites 2.3.3
chancecubes:take_this Spawns item frames with the components to build a diamond sword 2.3.3
chancecubes:armor_stand_armor Spawns armor stands with random armor and items 2.3.3
chancecubes:village GIANT Spawns in a village 2.3.3
chancecubes:cats_and_dogs Spawns in cats and dogs falling from the sky with random names 2.3.4
chancecubes:invizible_silverfish Spawns invisible silverfish riding visible ones 2.3.4
chancecubes:fluid_sphere GIANT Spawns a glass sphere full of a random liquid 2.3.4
chancecubes:mixed_fluid_sphere GIANT Spawns a glass sphere full of random liquids 2.3.4
chancecubes:heads_or_tails Flips a coin and depending on the users guess, will either drop an item or spawn TNT 3.0.1
chancecubes:arrow_trap Spawns a structure with a dispenser and arrows surrounding the player 3.1.0
chancecubes:magic_feet Says "You've got magic feet!!!". For ~15 seconds, everywhere you walk turns into a block of ore. Afterwards, says "You've used up all the magic in your feet!"
chancecubes:firework_show GIANT
chancecubes:woodland_mansion GIANT
chancecubes:sphere_snake GIANT
chancecubes:random_explosion GIANT
chancecubes:beacon_arena GIANT
chancecubes:world_infection GIANT
chancecubes:block_thrower GIANT
extrautils2:pink_generator Gives the player 64 Pink Generators named "Useless Generator" 3.0.1
extrautils2:cursed Spawns a 7 x 7 platform of Cursed Earth and changes the time to night 3.0.1
extrautils2:watering_can Gives the player a Watering Can 3.0.1
extrautils2:water_drum Gives the player a Demonically Gargantuan Drum 3.0.1
extrautils2:golden_bag Gives the player a Bag of Holding 3.0.1
extrautils2:ender_lilly Gives the player a Ender Lilly 3.0.1
extrautils2:compressed_cobble Gives the player 4 Sextuple Compressed Cobblestone 3.0.1
extrautils2:spikes Places iron spikes that surround and trap the player 3.0.1
thermalexpansion:florbs Gives the player random florbs 2.1.3
thermalexpansion:stay_hydrated Gives the player a Thermal Expansion reservoir that is filled completely with water 3.3.1
thermalfoundation:grind_gears Spawns one gear of each type with the message "You really grind my gears ;)" 2.1.3

Removed outcomes

Name Description Added Removed
chancecubes:Creeper Spawns a creeper 0.0.1 1.6.1
chancecubes:RedstoneZombie Spawns a zombie and 1 redstone dust 0.0.1 1.0.2
chancecubes:Command Spawns a custom painting 0.0.1 0.0.1
chancecubes:Beacon Spawns a falling beacon 0.0.1 ?
chancecubes:Insta-Damage Spawns a few insta-damage potions 0.0.1 2.1.2
chancecubes:House Spawns a house 0.0.1 0.0.1
chancecubes:Blindness_Fight Blinds the player, then spawns skeletons 0.0.1 2.3.2
chancecubes:Frozen Spawns 2 blocks of ice where the player is standing 1.0.0 1.3.6
chancecubes:You_saw_nothing Says "You didn't see anything......" 1.0.0 1.6.1
chancecubes:Inventory_Chest Puts the player's inventory into a chest surrounded by obsidian 1.3.6 2.2.1
chancecubes:Copy_Cat_Zombie Spawns in a zombie with a weapon and armor all stolen from the player's inventory 1.4.3 2.0.2
chancecubes:Nether_Portal_Build Builds a Nether Portal with falling blocks 1.4.4 1.6.1
chancecubes:Remove_Useful_Stuff Removes useful things like torches, slabs, chests, etc. or places a bunch of torches 1.6.2 2.3.4
chancecubes:Fluid_Tower GIANT Spawns a pillar of various fluids 2.1.3 2.3.4
chancecubes:Death_Skeleton Spawns a buffed wither skeleton with the name "Death" 3.1.0 3.2.3
chancecubes:mob_abilities_effects Spawns a random mob with a random special effect 4.0.0 ?
ExtraUtilities:unstableingot Places an Unstable Ingot in the player's inventory 1.2.1 3.0.1
ExtraUtilities:Broken_Watering_Can Gives the player a Broken Watering Can 1.2.1 3.0.1
ExtraUtilities:Bedrockium_Drum Gives the player a Bedrockium Drum 1.2.1 3.0.1
ExtraUtilities:Golden_Bag Gives the player a Golden Bag of Holding 1.2.1 3.0.1
ExtraUtilities:Ender_Lilly Gives the player a Ender Lilly 1.2.1 3.0.1
ExtraUtilities:Ender_Flux_Crystal Gives the player 10 Ender-Flux Crystals 1.2.1 3.0.1
ExtraUtilities:Deep_Dark Gives the player a Portal to The Deep Dark 1.2.1 1.3.6
ExtraUtilities:Last_Millenium Gives the player a Portal to The Last Millenium 1.2.1 1.3.6
ExtraUtilities:Compressed_Cobble Gives the player 4 Sextuple Compressed Cobblestone 1.2.1 3.0.1
ExtraUtilities:Spikes Places iron spikes that surround and trap the player 1.2.1 3.0.1
ExtraUtilities:Pink_Generator Gives the player 64 Pink Generators named "Useless Generator" 1.2.1 3.0.1
ExtraUtilities:Cursed Spawns a 7 x 7 platform of Cursed Earth and changes the time to night 1.2.1 3.0.1
thermalfoundation:fishing Gives the player lots of fishing rods 2.1.3 ?

Giant Chance Cube

Main article: Compact Giant Chance Cube

When Chance Cubes are placed in a 3x3x3 configuration they create a giant Chance Cube.

Chance Pendants

Main article: Chance Pendant

Chance Pendants are items that improve the probability of a beneficial event occurring when a Chance Cube is broken.