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Certus Quartz Ore
ModsApplied Energistics
Applied Energistics 2
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Certus Quartz Ore is an ore added by both Applied Energistics and Applied Energistics 2. It drops Certus Quartz Crystals in both mods and Certus Quartz Dust in AE1. Certus Quartz Crystals can be ground up in a macerator or a grind stone to yield Certus Quartz Dust. Certus Quartz Dust and Certus Quartz Crystals are used in many Applied Energistics and Applied Energistics 2 recipes. It is occasionally interchangeable with Nether Quartz. With Applied Energistics 2, Certus Quartz Ore spawns between layers 12 and 74, and 8% of all veins will spawn as Charged Certus Quartz.

Processing in AE1

Pulverizing requires 400 MJ, and has a 10% change to produce a Certus Quartz Crystal.

Processing in AE2

You can also grind Certus Quartz Ore in the Quartz Grindstone to obtain 2 Certus Quartz Dust.