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This page is about the Certus Quartz Dust from Applied Energistics. For other uses, see Certus Quartz Dust.
Certus Quartz Dust

ModApplied Energistics

Certus Quartz Dust (previously Quartz Dust) is a material added by Applied Energistics. It can be obtained occasionally by mining Certus Quartz Ore. More can be obtained if your tool has the Fortune enchantment.
It can be crafted into a Quartz Grind Stone and Quartz Fiber (prior to r10.a), smelted into Silicon, and compressed into Certus Quartz. In later versions, it's also a component in crafting Fluix Dust.


Certus Quartz Dust can also be acquired by placing Certus Quartz Crystal or Ore in a crushing machine. Certus Quartz yields 4 and Certus Quartz Ore yields 10 dust.