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Certus Quartz Crystal

ModApplied Energistics 2
TC4 AspectsStandard


Certus Quartz Crystal is an item added by Applied Energistics 2. Certus Quartz Crystal can be obtained by mining Certus Quartz Ore. This item is used in the majority of crafting recipes in AE2, such as Energy Cells and Formation Cores. It exists in two forms: the regular Certus Quartz Crystal and the Pure Certus Quartz Crystal. These are both interchangeable in most crafting recipes.


To create a Pure Certus Quartz Crystal, the player must craft a Certus Quartz Seed and drop it into water. The process takes about 8.33 hours, which can be reduced by using Crystal Growth Accelerators.


Main article: Autoclave

A GregTech 6 Autoclave takes 1 minute 15 seconds and 48000L (or 48 Buckets) of steam to grow Pure Certus Quartz from a seed to the normal Crystal size.

Crystal Growth Chamber

Main article: Crystal Growth Chamber

The Crystal Growth Chamber from AE2 Stuff uses AE power to grow Pure Certus Quartz Crystals from seeds in its inventory in 30 seconds each.


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Which requires the Quartz Duplication Secondary Research, obtained after Alchemical Duplication has been learnt on the Alchemy Page.

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