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This page is about the Centrifuge added by Engineer's Toolbox. For other uses, see Centrifuge.

ModEngineer's Toolbox

The Centrifuge is a machine added by Engineer's Toolbox. It is used to process impure ore dust into pure ore dust that can be smelted into ingots. When ore dust is centrifuged, there is a chance of producing bonus ore dust.


Ore conversions

Input Output Bonus output Bonus chance
Impure Iron Dust Pure Iron Dust Pure Iron Dust 33%
Impure Gold Dust Pure Gold Dust Pure Gold dust 5%
Impure Aluminum Dust Pure Aluminum Dust Pure Iron Dust 5%
Impure Tin Dust Pure Tin Dust Pure Tin Dust 33%
Impure Lead Dust Pure Lead Dust Pure Silver Dust 33%
Impure Copper Dust Pure Copper Dust Pure Copper Dust 33%
Impure Nickel Dust Pure Nickel Dust Pure Platinum Dust 5%
Impure Silver Dust Pure Silver Dust Pure Lead Dust 10%
Impure Cobalt Dust Pure Cobalt Dust Pure Ardite Dust 10%
Impure Ardite Dust Pure Ardite Dust Pure Cobalt Dust 10%