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This page is about Advanced Genetics' Centrifuge. For other uses, see Centrifuge.

ModAdvanced Genetics

The Centrifuge is a machine added by Advanced Genetics. It is used in the process of imbuing an entity with an ability by mixing blood with a Gene or other blood to create Syringes (Centrifuged).

Like most machines in Advanced Genetics, the Centrifuge requires energy to function. The energy must either be Redstone Flux (RF), Energy Units (EU), or energy directly from the Advanced Genetics' Combustion Generator.


Before a player can mix a Gene (Completed) with blood, they must centrifuge the blood sample. After that the Gene and Syringe (Centrifuged) can be inserted into the DNA Combiner. Once combined, the Syringe must be centrifuged once more before it is ready for injecting.


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