Celestial Notes

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Celestial Notes

ModThaumcraft 6

Celestial Notes are a set of items added by Thaumcraft 6. They are used as potentially consumable items for theorycrafting.


To acquire Celestial Notes the player scans either the night sky, moon, or sun with a Thaumometer while there is Paper and Scribing Tools in their inventory. One Paper is consumed when a Celestial Note is created, though no durability is consumed from the Scribing Tools. Only one of each note can be obtained per night.

Thaumonomicon entry

I have noticed a link between the phases of the moon and the speed at which the aura replenishes itself. I should investigate this phenomenon further and even expand my investigation to see if other heavenly bodies influence magic.
A few minor tweaks to my thaumometer should enable it to take measurements from objects in the sky. I should remember to carry some paper and scribing tools with me so I can take notes.
Measuring the same body or quadrant of the sky more than once a day will not give me new insights - I need to study them over time to measure changes in their aural influence.
The notes I gather should come in handy for theorycrafting.
Thaumonomicon, Celestial Observation