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This page is about the Celestial Gateway added by Astral Sorcery. For other uses, see Celestial Gateway.
Celestial Gateway

ModAstral Sorcery
TypeTransparent block

The Celestial Gateway is a block added by Astral Sorcery. It is used to teleport players to other Celestial Gateways. When the structure (see Construction below) is built correctly, approaching the Gateway will cause the area around the player to darken into a panoramic night sky. Celestial Gateways that can be teleported to are depicted with larger yellow stars among the starry backdrop. Sneaking or holding right-click while looking at one will teleport the player to that Gateway after a few seconds. While sneaking, a preview of the Gateway will be shown.

It can be renamed in Anvils which will create a small caption appearing on the star while looking at it.

Gateways require view of the sky in dimensions without a roof, such as the Overworld.


The complete structure is 7x2x7 and requires (in addition to the Gateway itself):



Astral Tome entry

The endless stars above form intricate constellations that guide all things. For eons the world has drawn upon them for references in navigation and direction, finding the morrow by the nights stars. It seems the stars acted as a guide for the crystal makers long ago, but in a much more literal sense.

By focusing illumination and embedding into starlight to surround a rock crystal a base can be built to connect distant locations, even to those in another world.

After constructing a suitable structure to support the gateway and stepping into the center the celestial alignment of all other of these gateways across the world should become evident.

When an individual focuses on a point in the direction desired they will be whisked away as pure starlight and brought to their destination. Once a gateway has linked with a destination the first time, remnant images of that place will remain for future observations.
Astral Tome