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Celestial Collector Crystal

ModAstral Sorcery
TypeSolid block
Blast resistance600000

The Celestial Collector Crystal is a block added by Astral Sorcery. When placed in the world, it generates Starlight which can be used to power other blocks from the mod through the use of the Linking Tool. It can be crafted from a Celestial Crystal that is attuned to any of the twelve bright or dim Constellations. If it is placed within 16 blocks of another Celestial Collector Crystal or Collector Crystal, the amount of Starlight generated will be significantly reduced.


The complete structure is 5x6x5 and requires (including the Celestial Collector Crystal):

Note that the 3x3 area centered around the Celestial Collector Crystal needs to be air.



Astral Tome entry

The superior Celestial Crystals create superior Collector Crystals, but it doesn't stop the wane of Starlight during the day, in the rain, or when the Constellation is itself waning. Creating a stabilizing platform to even out the flow of Starlight should resolve this problem, though it will need Liquid Starlight to maintain the crystal's resonance. Direct contact with the Collector would negate the benefit, and so an air gap is needed between structure and crystal.

This won't prevent losses due to cannibalization from crystals being too close to each other, however.
Astral Tome