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Casting Mode

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Ars Magica 2 Information
Casting modes allow a mage to control how much power s/he puts into a spell.

Casting Mode is a mechanic in Ars Magica 2 (AM2) present in versions 1.2 and earlier (replaced by Spell Groups). They, along with any Modifiers a spell may have, determine the level of magnitude or "power" the caster's spells have along with their Mana cost and Burnout. It is displayed on the HUD as a Moon phase (Crescent, Half Moon, and Full Moon) and is located by default to the right of the hotbar. It can only be viewed when the Arcane Compendium is created.


There are three Modes in AM2 which can be switched by pressing the "c" key by default:

  • Diminished (Crescent Moon): The default and weakest Casting Mode. Spells cast in this mode will have diminished effects such as lower damage or shorter duration for status effects, but will have a low Mana cost and Burnout.
  • Normal (Half Moon): Spells will be at their normal strength. Depending on the spell type, it will inflict moderate damage, area of effect, and/or an increase in duration for status effects at the cost of increased Mana consumption and Burnout. The Arcane Compendium recommends that players refrain from using this Mode until they have a Magic Level of 10.
  • Augmented (Full Moon): This mode is a skill that players will need to unlock first in the Occulus. Spells cast in this mode will have a significant increase in power resulting in high damage, AoE, and/or extended duration for status effects at the price of high Mana cost and Burnout.