Casting Channel

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Casting Channel

ModTinkers' Construct
TypeSolid block

The Casting Channel is a block added by Tinkers' Construct. It is an optional part of the Smeltery and is used to direct liquid metal into the Casting Basin.



The Casting Channel acts like the fluid pipes from BuildCraft. Casting Channels can be directly connected to a Smeltery Drain and right-clicked to extract liquid. Casting Channels can also be placed below Seared Faucets and fed by them. Fluids will flow down multiple layers of Channels and into Casting Basins and Casting Tables. Fluids will not flow up out of a Casting Channel.

Right-clicking one edge of a Casting Channel will establish or break a connection to adjacent blocks. If such a connection is established to a Smeltery Drain, fluid will continue to flow until either the Channel fills or the Smeltery empties.

The Casting Channel has a finite rate at which it will output fluid into a single Basin or Table. Placing multiple Casting Channels adjacent to one another will cause them to spread their fluid across multiple Basins or Tables, filling them all together. This makes the Casting Channel efficient for use in automated mass casting of large numbers of blocks or tool parts, but inefficient at casting single parts.