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Casting Assistant Device


The Casting Assistant Device (CAD) is a tool added by Psi. It is used to cast spells by using Spell Bullets that have been loaded into it. Right-clicking with it will fire the Spell Bullet currently loaded. Shift right-clicking it on a Spell Programmer will overwrite the current spell with the one loaded on the Programmer. It has limitations based on its components which will limit its stats. These stats are:

  • Complexity: Number of actions a spell has.
  • Potency: Power of the spell. More powerful spells will require higher-tier Assembly material.
  • Cost: Amount of Psi needed to cast the spell.
  • Projection: Number of tricks a spell can have.
  • Bandwidth: Area that a spell occupies in a square.
  • Overflow: Amount of Psi stored in a Battery.

A CAD will require three components:

  • an Assembly
  • a Core
  • a Socket

Batteries and CAD Colorizers are optional.


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