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Cart Assembler
Block Cart Assembler.png

ModSteve's Carts

The Cart Assembler is a machine in Steve's Carts where custom minecarts are configured and built using various Modules.



The Cart Assembler GUI

A: Hull slot
B: Cart modules
C: Rotatable image of cart as configured
D: Information about cart as configured. Displays:
  • Maximum hull capacity
  • Complexity cap
  • Current hull capacity cost
  • Real time required to construct cart
  • Lists any conflicting modules
E: Player inventory
F: Fuel slot, and fuel consumption bar. Fuel, such as coal, placed here will refuel the fuel bar, which has a maximum of 4000 units.
G: Construction progress bar. Hovering over it gives progress percentage and estimated time remaining before completion.
H: Completed cart


Choosing the hull

Main article: Hull

Cart creation begins first with a chosen hull, which is placed in slot A. There are two major components of a hull:

  1. Hull capacity: The total modular cost of all the modules in the cart.
  2. Complexity cap: The maximum modular cost that any one module can have.

For example, the Standard Hull has a hull capacity of 200 and complexity cap of 50. This means that as many modules with an individual modular cost of less than 50 can be added, until the cart complexity has been 'filled' to a maximum of 200. A module that has an individual modular cost greater than 50, such as the Divine Shield, which has a modular cost of 60, cannot be built into the cart.

Choosing modules

Main article: Module

Modules are placed in the slots of B. They can take up the front, back, sides, and top of the cart. Two different modules that take up the same part of the cart cannot both be added to the cart. For example, the Track Remover and the Solar Engine both take up the top of the cart, so they cannot both be built on one cart.


Main article: Engine Modules

Engines power the cart and its modules, enabling the cart to move on its own and perform the functions of its modules. There are currently two types of engines: coal and solar. A cart may have, at most, three engine modules. During operation, the cart determines which engine to use at a given time according to the Engine Priority.


Main article: Tool Modules

Tools are used for harvesting resources. Only one tool can be added per cart.


Main article: Attachment Modules

Attachments provide additional abilities the cart can perform, such as laying rail, fertilizing crops, or attacking mobs and players.


Main article: Storage Modules

Storage modules function as the cart's inventory when collecting items. With the exception of internal storage, the side that the chests occupy can prevent certain attachments and addons from being built in.


Main article: Addon Modules

Addons are modules that can be added to a cart that perform minor tasks, or work in conjunction with other modules. These include things like melting Snow and Ice for a farm, detecting targets to attack, and controlling the height of a constructed rail line.

Fuel and Assembly

Once the hull and components are chosen, place any consumable fuel such as coal or wood into slot F, in order to fill the Fuel bar. Press the 'Assemble' button and the fuel consumption bar will begin to drain as the cart is being built. The progress bar labeled G shows the real-time remaining to build the cart.

The completed cart will be placed in slot H.