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Cargo Distributor
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ModSteve's Carts

The Cargo Distributor is a configurable machine in Steve's Carts that works in conjunction with the Cargo Manager by allowing item transportation devices to interact with it.



"The Cargo Distributor GUI"

A. These colors correspond to the five colored sides of the Cargo Distributor: orange, yellow, green, blue, and red.
B. The All selector. Items from/headed to any source are valid.
C. The Cargo Manager Side selectors: red, blue, yellow, green. Items from/headed to the indicated side of the Cargo Manager are valid.
D. The Cargo Manager Inventory selectors: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right. Items from/headed to the indicated section of the Cargo Manager inventory are valid.
E. To/From selectors. Items headed to the cart or headed from the cart are valid.


Using the Cargo Distributor, the cart automation process started by the Cargo Manager can be advanced even further. The Distributor allows item transportation devices to interface intelligently with the Cargo Manager's inventory when mounted on the top or bottom of a Cargo Manager. Without a Distributor, items inserted into the Cargo Manager with transportation devices will put items anywhere they are able to, or take from anywhere, much like they would when interacting with a chest. The Cargo Distributor allows the devices to interact with specific items in the Manager, based on a number of selectors. By dragging a selector to one of the five colors on the Distributor GUI, the Pipe or Tube connected to the side of the Distributor that matches that color can be routed intelligently.

Any number of selectors can be stacked on the same colored side. In this case, the selector added last will take priority. Stacking selectors is not going to be frequently necessary.

One Cargo Manager can be paired with two Cargo Distributors, one on top, and one on bottom. In this case, two rows of selectors will be available, to indicate which Distributor should handle which items.

The Cargo Distributor does not include a mechanism for outputting items automatically. In order to do that, other mod's item extraction devices will have to be used.

All Selector

The All selector functions the same way that the Cargo Manager itself works, by taking from or inserting to the first available inventory slot, with no restrictions.

Cargo Manager Side Selectors

The Cargo Manager Side selectors restrict the transportation devices to interacting only with items marked in the Cargo Manager for a particular side of the Manager. For instance, if one Cargo Manager is restocking the Engines of a Farmer cart on its Green side and a Wood Cutter cart on its Red side, using the Red selector would limit the transportation device to interact with the items going to or coming from the Wood Cutter cart.

Cargo Manager Inventory Selectors

The Cargo Manager Inventory selectors restrict the transportation device to interacting only with items from the matching section of the Cargo Manager's inventory. These selectors only work when the Cargo Manager is configured to use a four-part divided inventory.

To/From Selectors

The To/From selectors restrict the transportation device to interacting only with items going to the cart or coming from the cart, as indicated in the Cargo Manager.