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This page is about the Cardboard Box added by BetterStorage. For other uses, see Cardboard Box.
Cardboard Box

TypeSolid block
Tooltip textReusable portable storage.

The Cardboard Box is a portable storage block from BetterStorage. It can be used to easily transport items from one location to another. If it has items inside of it, when broken, it will lose one durability, but will also keep its contents stored inside of it, which will be described in its tooltip. When it loses all of its durability, it will drop its contents and disappear.

Cardboard Boxes can be dyed by placing any amount of a single dye color in a crafting grid with it, shapelessly. If dyed, it will state Dyed in its tooltip. Using multiple types of dyes will not change its color; it will choose one color seemingly randomly. Using more than one dye item will not change anything.

Cardboard Boxes can be used to create Presents, as described in the Present Book.