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ModImmersive Engineering
Max RF input256 RF/t
1024 RF/t
4096 RF/t
RF storage100,000 RF
1,000,000 RF
4,000,000 RF
Max RF output256 RF/t
1024 RF/t
4096 RF/t

The LV, MV and HV Capacitors are energy storage blocks added by Immersive Engineering. A Capacitor can store Immersive Flux (IF) or Redstone Flux (RF), and it retains its energy when mined and picked up.

The Capacitor has no GUI. Its energy storage is measurable using WAILA or an Engineer's Voltmeter.


A Capacitor can be hooked into the energy-net using Wire Connectors and Wire Coils. Each face of the block is configurable for receiving power (blue), sending power (orange), or not transmitting (no plug). Using an Engineer's Hammer configures a face, and holding sneak at the same time configures the opposite face.

The Capacitor's transfer rate limit applies to each face, so more power can transfer through a single Capacitor by attaching multiple connectors in parallel. The theoretical transfer limits for LV, MV and HV Capacitors are 1536 IF/t, 6144 IF/t and 24,576 IF/t, respectively.


Ore dictionary note

Metal ingots and metal blocks added by different mods are interchangeable when crafting, as are the different styles of Treated Wood Planks.