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Tento článek je o the Canning Machine added by GregTech 5. Pro jiné významy, navštivte Canning Machine.
Canning Machine

MódGregTech 5
TypTile entita
PopisekUnmobile Food Canning Machine GTA4

The Canning Machine from GregTech 5, is very similar to its IC2 counterpart, being mainly used to fill Tin Cans with any kind of food, but it is useful as well by filling and emptying Tin Cells with other solid items than food, in form of dusts. It can also fill Batteries with Redstone, Cadmium, Lithium and Sodium.


Stejně jako všechny ostatní stroje v módu GregTech 5, i Canning Machine má pět variant v závislosti na úrovni napětí, od Low po Insane.

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