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Camouflage Block

ModExpanded Redstone
TypeSolid block

The Camouflage Block is a block from Expanded Redstone. When powered with redstone, it will roughly mimic the hitbox and texture of the block below it.

The top texture will not be mimicked. The hitbox is also used as a collision box, so for blocks that have a collision hitbox that is different from their selection hitbox, the selection hitbox will be used for both. For example, when mimicking a Redstone wire, its selection hitbox will be identical to the normal Redstone hitbox, but it will not be able to be walked through. Furthermore, it does not handle the different kinds of textures that the block might be using. Using the example of the Redstone wire again, the texture will always appear as that of a wire connected on all four sides. It also does not handle custom coloring mechanics, like the Redstone wire uses for its different levels of power.