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Calculator Locator

RF storage25,000,000 RF
Max RF output100,000 RF/t
RF production2,000-82,940 RF/t

The Calculator Locator is a machine added by Calculator. It is used in conjunction with Calculator Plugs to generate massive amounts of Redstone Flux at no cost.

In order to be working, it needs to be placed inside a structure with a size between 5x5 (8 Plugs) and 21x21 (440 Plugs) and a located Locator Module must be placed inside the slot with a L on the Locator's GUI. Once fully assembled, the Locator will constantly generate RF and output it to items in its internal - slot and the block right below it.

The Locator has a Stability which is equal to the proportion of its Plugs that houses a Stable Circuit. A Locator with 100% Stability (all of its Plug has a Stable Circuit) will have no negative effect, but any less than that may cause the following effects to randomly happen to the player that used the Locator Module, including explosions at its location or setting it on fire. It will also cause the time of the world to randomly change.

The amount of RF generated per tick is given by the given formula :

Where :

  • stableplugs is the amount of Plugs in the structure housing a Stable Circuit
  • size is the radius of the structure (from 1 (5x5 structure) to 10 (21x21 structure))


The structure can be expanded following the same pattern up to a size of 21x21.