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ModIndustrialCraft 2
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Max EU input128 EU/t
EU storage300,000 EU
Max EU output128 EU/t

The Chemical Electrical Storage Unit or CESU, is a Tier 2 energy storage unit that stores Industrial Craft EU. The CESU is capable of storing up to 300,000 EU and accepting a maximum power input of 128 EU/t into any of its five non-dotted sides. It will also output 128 EU/t through its dotted side, that will cause Tier 1 machinery to explode violently. When using the CESU with Tier 1 machinery the player will need an LV-Transformer to lower the output to the maximum allowed 32 EU/t for these machines. The CESU can be safely dismantled by using a Wrench on CESU's dotted side. When broken with a Wrench, a percentage of the stored power is kept, which can be configured in the IC2 config file.

A Copper Cable or higher-tiered cable is required to transfer energy directly from the CESU.


The CESU is created with 5 Bronze Plates, 3 Advanced RE-Batteries and 1 Copper Cable.


When placed down, the CESU will have a dot facing the direction of the player; this is the output face of the CESU. It can be rotated via the wrench as well as removed with the wrench. Right-clicking on the CESU will bring up the GUI for the block.

The upper empty slot near the middle will charge batteries and tools placed in that are compatible with IndustrialCraft 2, while the bottom slot will drain these items. The meter on the right displays the charge level of the CESU as well as its output voltage. The upper-right redstone symbol controls how the CESU will interact with a redstone current. The settings are:

  • Nothing - Nothing will happen if redstone current is applied nor will the CESU emit one.
  • Emit if full - The CESU will output a redstone current when it's full.
  • Emit if partially filled - The CESU will output a redstone current when there is any energy stored within.
  • Emit if empty - The CESU will output a redstone current when there is no energy in it.
  • Do not output energy - The CESU will not output energy if there is a redstone current present.
  • Do not output energy unless full - The CESU will not output energy unless it is full while there is a redstone current present.