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CAD Assembler


The CAD Assembler is a block added by Psi. It allows the player to craft a Casting Assistance Device (CAD) and allows for the loading and unloading of spell bullets from the CAD, Psimetal tools, and Exosuit pieces.



To create a CAD, insert a CAD assembly of any type into an empty CAD Assembler to start the creation process. The result can be taken out immediately or more parts can be added to increase the functional capability of the resulting CAD.

For a fully assembled Casting Assistant Device, the following parts are required:

  • CAD Assembly (Any Type)
  • CAD Core (Any Type)
  • CAD Socket (Any Type)

A CAD Colorizer and/or CAD Battery can optionally be used to assemble a CAD.

  • The Assembly determines the main appearance, Efficiency, and Potency of the finished CAD. Higher Efficiency will slightly lower Psi energy costs for spells, and Potency determines how powerful any spell cast can be - if the spell's Potency value is higher than the CAD's, it cannot be cast.
  • The Core determines the Complexity and Projection of the CAD. Complexity determines how many programming pieces can be placed in the Spell Programmer, and Projection is a limit on how many Tricks can be executed in one spell.
  • The Socket determines the Bandwidth and Socket count of the CAD. Bandwidth is the maximum size of a spell (ex. Bandwidth of 5 means the spell fits in a 5x5 square in the Spell Programmer) and Sockets are slots for Spell Bullets to be loaded into the CAD.
  • CAD Batteries allow the player to use a small amount of extra energy without damaging themselves if a spell's cost happens to be greater than the currently available Psi energy.
  • CAD Colorizers affect the color of the glow in the CAD model and the color of effects in spells with
    Trick: Conjure Block,
    Trick: Conjure Light, and the Loopcast effect.

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