Bundled I/O

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Bundled I/O

TypeSolid block

The Bundled I/O Block is a block added by FirePeripherals. It allows the computers of ComputerCraft to interact with the Bundled Cables of Project Red that is not directly next to the computer (see Usage).

If the mod MineChem is installed, then you can decompose the Bundled I/O Block with the Chemical Decomposer into various compounds of MineChem.



FirePeripherals Bundled IO.png
Different colored cables from Project Red can be connected simultaneously, without connecting to each other.

The Bundled I/O Block has only one side, on which the Bundled Cables can be connected. On the other sides can be placed a Computer or Advanced Computer of ComputerCraft. At first the Bundled I/O Block must be wrapped to the computer with following command [1]:

bundledio = peripheral.wrap("side")

The variable "bundledio" is the address of the block for the following commands and can be chosen arbitrarily. For the parameter side the values "left", "right", "bottom", "top", "front" and "back" can be entered depending on which side of the computer the Bundled I/O block is.

If now a Bundled Cable is connected to the Bundled I/O Block, the player can interact with following different commands with the cable. Please note that the numbers, which are returned or send by the following commands, describes a combination of the 16 channels in the bundled cable. Each channel can be on or off which gives 216 (65536) unique combinations.

  • The following command returns a number which indicates the incoming signal, respectively the combination of the activ channels, from the Bundled Cable [1]:
  • The following command returns a number which indicates an outgoing signal, respectively the combination of the activated channels, from the Bundled I/O Block [1]:
Interaction between Project Red and Computer Craft 1.png
Interaction between the Segment Display of Project: Red and an Advanced Computer of ComputerCraft with Bundled I/O Block peripheral (grey block).
  • The following command starts an output of a redstone signal from the Bundled I/O Block into the cable with the channel combination 35023, which results e.g. in an A on the Segment Display of Project Red (shown in the picture) [1]:


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