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ModXeno's Reliquary

Xeno's Reliquary adds 9 different bullet types for use with the Hunter's Handgun. Each type has a different effect, and has to be put in an Empty Magazine before they are usable.

Bullet Types

  • Blaze Shot — deals fire damage

  • Buster Shot — massive explosive power

  • Concussive Shot — lighter version of the Buster Shot

  • Ender Shot — hunts targets and pierces them to go looking for more

  • Exorcism Shot — double damage against the undead (Zombies, Skeletons, Withers, Ghasts, Zombie Pigmen)

  • Neutral Shot — no special effects

  • Sand Shot — Anti Creeper shot. Also turns off the rain. Does less damage when raining.

  • Seeker Shot — Tracking round, hunts it own target, No aiming required.

  • Storm Shot — Creepers like these and it causes rain. They do extra damage when it is raining.