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This page is about the Builder added by BuilderCraft. For other uses, see Builder.
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The Builder is a machine added by BuildCraft that builds a structure based on a Blueprint or Template.



The Builder will build the structure following these Path Markers. It will clear the area of dirt.

Place the Builder where the structure is to be built and supply the machine with Redstone Flux, e.g. via a Stirling Engine. Right-click on the Builder to open its GUI and place a written Blueprint or Template in the Builder slot. If a Blueprint is used, the Builder requires the exact type of ingredients (blocks, flowers, fluids, etc.) to build the structure. If a Template is used, the Builder will use any ingredients to build the structure. The Builder will clear all blocks from the space before building the structure.

To have the Builder build multiple copies of an item, say a path or a bunch of fountains in a row, use Path Markers before placing the Builder. Place Path Markers down and right-click them to activate them. They will connect to the nearest Path Marker and specify a red line by which the Builder will follow. This line can be diagonal and does not have to be on the same vertical level as others. Then, place the Builder next to the first Path Marker and power it.