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Brussel Sprout Seed

ModPam's HarvestCraft
Technical details
Ore dictionary nameseedBrusselsprout

The Brussel Sprout Seed is a seed added by Pam's HarvestCraft, which grows into an Brussel Sprout Plant on Farmland. When broken, it will drop nothing. However, when right-clicked, it will drop 1 Brussel Sprout (or 1-2 Brussel Sprouts before version 1.8.9a) and the crop's growth will go back to its pre-mature form. Bone Meal may cause the crop to grow one stage, just like regular Vanilla crops.


Brussel Sprout Seeds can also be obtained from the Soggy Garden (or from the Leafy Garden before version 1.8.9a) or from breaking Grass if configured.