Bronze Plated Blast Furnace

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Bronze Plated Blast Furnace

ModGregTech 5
TypeTile entity
Tooltip textTo get your first Steel
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The Bronze Plated Blast Furnace is part of a hollow GregTech 5 multiblock structure with dimensions 3x3x4. This multiblock is used to manufacture steel, and is the first steel-producing machine a player will be able to make, when using GregTech.

Be careful to not obstruct top of the blast furnace. (Where the smoke particules appear)

It functions very similarly to the Railcraft Blast Furnace but is built slightly differently.




In these recipes Iron Ingot can be substituted with Iron Dust, Coal can be replaced with Charcoal, and Block of Coal can be replaced with Block of Charcoal.

Building the Blast Furnace

The Bronze Plated Blast Furnace is by far the most expensive early-game machine in GregTech 5. Constructing one requires 32 Bronze Plated Bricks and 1 Bronze Plated Blast Furnace, with a total cost of 32 blocks of Bricks, 4 Furnaces, and 3x64 + 4 (196) Bronze Plates (6x64 + 8 Bronze Ingots). You will also need a Hammer and a Wrench

If the Blast Furnace has been constructed successfully, placing Iron and Fuel in the controller block will cause the controller to light up, the top of the furnace to emit smoke particles, and a block of Lava to appear inside the structure.

Multiple Bronze Plated Blast Furnaces can be constructed together, sharing side or rear walls. Doing so will make additional Furnaces cost 72 fewer Bronze Plates and 12 fewer blocks of Bricks (in total, 1x64 + 60 Bronze Plates / 20 Bricks per additional furnace). Given how much Steel is required to make most Low Voltage GregTech machines, building and running multiple Blast Furnaces is highly recommended.