Bronze Dungeon

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The Bronze Dungeon is a simple dungeon and considered the 'first' dungeon from the aether collaboration. It appears on the floating islands of the Aether, as a tunnel with one or two rooms with 2×2 to 3×3 stables in the middle with chests or Mimics on top and is mostly made of mossy holystone or normal holy stone.


The bronze dungeon houses two hostile mobs. The first is called a sentry stone or guardian stone. It is a stone guardian the size of a slime, which explodes in the manner of a creeper, but does less damage. These spawn randomly in the dungeon's empty rooms, and do not damage the dungeon floor or walls. Even if there is a design of a sentry stone, does not mean there is one there. Killing sentries yield carved stone and sentry stone. The other mob is called a mimic. Mimics are fake chests that spawn in dungeons that will attack the player when right-clicked. Killing mimics yield chests(1-2).


The boss of the Bronze dungeon is a large guardian stone called a Slider, which instead of blowing up, damages you when you are touched by it. It can only move in straight directions, making it easily killed using the main table. The Slider is found in a room in the bronze dungeon atop a large 4x4 table, and is inactive until you hit it with a pickaxe, after which it will wake up and start trying to kill you. It can only be harmed by non-sword tools (pickaxe, shovel...). An easy way to kill it is to make it move to one side of the table, nearly going past it, and then moving back around the table, it will then get stuck, trying to get to you but not able to because of the table. You can also go in a round form in the square(You step a block earlier than the slider). You can then attack it without fear. This will only happen when the Slider is at ground level, which you can get by ascending a ladder to cause it to elevate, then going to the ground and remaining there until the end of the battle. When damaged enough, the Slider will begin to move faster, and its eyes will turn red. The slider drops 7-9 carved stone and a Bronze key when killed. You also earn the achievement "Like a Bossary" for killing a Slider for the first time.

Although the exact health total of the Slider is not known, using approximately 3.5 full holystone pickaxes will destroy it. If you are killed, the boss will not regenerate any health and will be dormant again when you return (conveniently allowing you to recover your dropped items).


Once the boss has been killed, the table it was on should fade away to reveal a hidden room with a locked chest in it.

Dungeon Rewards

Name Description Image
Valkyrie Lance The Valkyrie Lance is a strong weapon with extended reach.
Phoenix Bow The Phoenix Bow fires flaming arrows when used.
Gummie Sweets (Gold & Blue) Stackable source of food that heals the player.
Book of Lore The Book of Lore shows the details of the item you place in it. There are 3 books, a surface book, a nether book and an aether book.
Hammer of Notch A strong hammer with a special ability that sends a projectile that pushes any NPC it comes in contact with as well as damages them.
Flaming Sword A strong sword that sets the enemy ablaze when struck.
Lightning Knives Can be thrown at enemies. Lightning will strike what ever they hit. Can be stacked to 16, but can be found in dungeons in stacks higher than 16.
Aerogel A slightly transparent block which is resistant to all explosions. Can only be found in Dungeon treasure chests.


  • This is where a lot of ambient sounds are triggered. This is somewhat because of the "snoring" of the Slider, but also due to the darkness.