Bound Boots

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Bound Boots

ModBlood Magic
Tooltip textDevilish Protection

The Bound Boots is a pair of boots added by Blood Magic. It is part of the Bound Armor set, and has infinite durability. However, it's ability to protect one from damage hinges on the amount of LP in one's Soul Network. If the wearer has a full set, the wearer will be protected from all physical damage, if the wearer has enough LP.


The Bound Boots are created using Filled Sockets and a Soul Armour Forge. Instead of placing the sockets in a crafting grid, one must instead place them in the world, in a pattern like one would in the grid. Then, one must place the Soul Armour Forge below it and right click it.

Vertical layout of the Soul Armour Forge. The fourth layout are the boots.


Like all pieces of Bound Armor, the Bound Boots can be upgraded with Sigils and various other items during creation of the boots.

Item Effect
Weak Blood Shard Allows for the player to place on sigil in the piece of armor
Demon Blood Shard Allows for the player to place two sigils in the piece of armor
Master Blood Orb Removes the drain on LP for the use of sigils in the armor piece (does not take up a sigil slot)
Divination Sigil Adds a HUD element showing current amount of LP in soul network
Sigil of the Blood Lamp Grants Night Vision
Air Sigil Grants protection from fall damage
Water Sigil Allows the wearer to breathe underwater
Lava Sigil Grants Fire Resistance
Void Sigil The wearer cannot see void fog or take damage from falling in the void
Sigil of Haste Grants a Speed and Jump boost
Sigil of the Fast Miner Grants a Mining Speed Boost
Sigil of the Whirlwind Deflects arrows nearby the player
Sigil of the Dome Temporarily evaporates all fluids around the wearer
Sigil of the Green Grove Causes nearby plants to grow faster
Sigil of Magnetism Draws in items within a ten-block radius of the wearer
Sigil of the Phantom Bridge A platform made of phantom blocks appears about the wearer's feet while in the air

In order to temporarily disable the effects of Bound Armor, right click with a Armour Inhibitor. This will disable ALL of the effects of currently worn Bound Armor until the wearer right-clicks again.