Bound Blade

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Bound Blade

ModBlood Magic
Tooltip textCaution: may cause a bad day...

The Bound Blade is a weapon added by Blood Magic which is used to collect Weak Blood Shards. The Bound Blade is capable of taking down most unarmored enemies in two hits. Each hit will apply the Weakness debuff, allowing for Weak Blood Shards to be dropped once killed. While active, the Bound Blade will consume about 100 LP every couple of seconds to power itself. Should the owner's network run out of LP while activated, the blade will consume half a heart from the owner instead. Attacking will cause the blade to draw additional LP to fuel itself. The Bound Blade can also be enchanted like most weapons, with Looting increasing the chances of Weak Blood Shards being dropped.


The Bound Blade is created by starting a Ritual of Binding and tossing a Diamond Sword into the center, and waiting for the ritual to finish. Once complete, the newly formed Bound Blade will be tossed from the center of the ritual.

FTB Infinity Evolved

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The recipe as the same as the recipe above, except a Sword of the Zephyr is used instead of a Diamond Sword.


While holding the Bound Blade, the user can sneak-right click to either activate or deactivate the blade. While activated, the Bound Blade will consume LP and appear as a sword. While deactivated, the Bound Blade will appear as an amorphous blob, will no longer drain LP, and will not only no longer function as a weapon, but will also prevent user's attack from dealing any damage at all. As with all Bound tools, the Bound Blade will consume approximately 20 LP every 4 seconds while active.