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Modicon Botania
Current developersVazkii
Version1.19.2: 440
1.18.1: 429
1.16.5: 420.2
1.16.4: 411
1.16.3: 409
1.16.2: 406
1.16.1: 403.1
1.15.2: r1.15-388
1.14.4: r1.11-379
1.12.2: r1.10-363
1.12.1: r1.10-352
1.11.2: r1.9-345
1.10.2: r1.9-341
1.7.10: r1.8-249
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10-1.18.1
Depends onCurios API
Previously depended onBaubles (up to 1.12.2)
Discord serverLink
Mod IDbotania
FTB Builders Paradise
All the Mods 3
FTB Academy
SkyFactory 3
Infinity 1.7
Skyfactory 2.5
FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock
Unstable 1.8
Cloud 9
Direwolf20 (1.7.10)
FTB Mage Quest
Unstable 1.7.x
Dungeons Dragons and Space Shuttles

Botania is a mod by Vazkii with art by wiiv. It is centered around generating and harnessing the magical energy produced by mystical flowers.

Botania's documentation book, the Lexica Botania, displays crafting recipes and explains nearly everything about Botania in-game.

Mystical Flowers[]

Botania generates Mystical Flowers all over the Minecraft world. They come in 16 different colors. They can be crafted into Mystical Petals, which can be further crafted into dye, or into a wide variety of generating and functional flowers in the Petal Apothecary.


Mana is the energy system Botania features, used for powering nearly all of the mystical devices in the mod. It can be acquired through generating flowers such as the Hydroangeas, Endoflame, or Gourmaryllis, and can power a variety of functional flowers, armor sets, and other accessories from the mod.

Gaia Guardian[]

Botania's late-game boss, the Gaia Guardian, can be summoned by performing the Ritual of Gaia. It drops Gaia Spirits, which are vital for crafting many end-game items.


Botania tweaks vanilla Minecraft in a couple of ways. When Botania is installed, vanilla Dispensers can plant crops on the block directly in front of them. Botania also adds a number of decorative banner patterns.


During the transition from Minecraft 1.7.10 to 1.8, Vazkii decided to discontinue the mod due to a lack of inspiration. It was re-continued by williewillus under the name Botania Unofficial. No changes were made, except for minor tweaks and bug fixes. In September 2016, Vazkii picked up the mod again, initially under the name BotaniaV2, based off of williewillus' port for Minecraft 1.10.


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