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Bot Fly

ModThe Erebus
TypeHostile monster

The Bot Fly is a hostile mob featured in The Erebus that has 15 health points (7 and a half hearts) and is able to fly. When it damages a player it also inflicts the Hunger status effect, making health regeneration harder. This mob poses a serious danger if it is encountered in swarms.

When killed, it will rarely drop Fly Wings or Compound Eyes.

Bot Fly Larva

The Bot Fly Larva is a mob of sorts that has a chance to appear on the player's body after a Bot Fly attack. A maximum of three Bot Fly Larvae can fit on the player's body.
When on the player's body, Bot Fly Larvae randomly inflict the Hunger, Mining Fatigue and Weakness effects until removed.
To remove Bot Fly Larvae on the player's body, the player must drink Beetle Juice from a Bucket Of Beetle Juice or a Bambucket Of Beetle Juice or stand in Formic Acid.


  • The Bot Fly uses the same sound as the Fly.