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This page is about the Booster added by RFTools. For other uses, see Booster.

TypeSolid block

The Booster is a block added by RFTools. It can be thought of as a very limited-range Environmental Controller.

The Booster GUI has a single slot that accepts a single RFTools Module such as the Regeration Module. When a player or mob stands on, or partially on, the Booster, the module effect is applied. The Booster only supports a limited selection of modules however they can be very useful in certain situations.


Example Applications

  • A regeneration station for the player to stand on after combat.
  • Using the Luck Module when opening Dimlet Parcels.
  • The Poison Module will only reduce the mob (or player!) to 1 heart so can be used to "soften up" mobs for an easy kill.

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