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This page is about the Boiler added by Flaxbeard's Steam Power. For other uses, see Boiler.

ModFlaxbeard's Steam Power
TypeSolid block
Blast resistance6
Liquid storage10,000 mB
Next tier

Steam storage default5,000 SU
Flaxbeard's Steam Power Information
Journal entry Boiler
I have made a device that allows for the production of gaseous water, steam. If I insert water and fuel, steam will be produced.
This steam can then be piped out the top.
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The Boiler is a block from Flaxbeard's Steam Power. It is the main steam producer within the mod, and is a requirement for most of the machines within the mod. It produces steam when given water and solid fuel, such as wood or coal. Steam can be piped out of the top side of the block. Water can be input by simply using a bucket of water on the block, placing a bucket in the bottom slot of the GUI, by pumping it in with an Archimedes Screw, or other means of liquid transport. Water and items can be pumped into it from all sides. Boilers can be upgraded into Flash Boilers.

The top GUI slot is used to input fuel. The bottom GUI slot is for inputting water. The leftmost tank on the GUI displays stored water, whereas the rightmost tank on the GUI shows stored steam. It can store 10 buckets of water, and 5,000 SU of steam.

The Boiler can be camouflaged by sneak+using a block on it. A Pipe Wrench can be used to undo the camouflaging.



Version history
Prerelease15BUGFIX: Fixed boiler GUI
0.21.5CHANGE: Boilers now have particles
CHANGE: Boilers now have a steam texture instead of defaulting to water
BUGFIX: Fixed boiler GUI sync issues with the burning display
0.24.0CHANGE: Boilers are now more susceptible to catastrophic failure than pipes, consistent with real world.
BUGFIX: Pick-block functionality now gives the correct block when used on a running boiler
0.25.1BUGFIX: Boiler/Flash Boiler burning/off sync has been fixed.
0.26.0BUGFIX: Boilers no longer cause excess amounts of chunk updates while not burning
0.29.0NEW: Non-vanilla water containers can now fill boilers (#245, PR #339) (Vidar Johansen, vidaj)
FIX: Boiler heat countdown no longer stays at 0 (#272).
FIX: Boiler heat countdown no longer resets when the GUI is exited (#272).