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Blowback Cannon

ModPressurized Defence
TypeTile entity
Blast resistance30
Technical details
Registry namepressurizeddefence:blowback_cannon
Unlocalized nametile.pressurizeddefence.blowback_cannon

The Blowback Cannon is a tile entity added by Pressurized Defence. It is used to push entities, powered by steam.

Steam is input to the bottom face of the block. It has an internal storage of 10,000 steam. It will launch entities within 5 blocks in front of it back and into the air, consuming 500 steam. It has a 300 tick cooldown period, so even if its steam storage is immediately replenished, it will take 300 ticks until it propels another entity.

Right clicking on the lock will display a message in chat stating how much steam is currently stored within the Blowback Cannon.

It cannot currently be crafted.