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This page is about the Bloomery added by Pyrotech. For other uses, see Bloomery.

The Bloomery is a tile entity added by Pyrotech. It is used to refine ore. Once crafted, place the ore block in the top of the Bloomery. Like some other Pyrotech machines, the Bloomery has no GUI. To start it, 16 units of fuel (e.g., wood, Coal) must be fed into the top and a Firelighter or Flint and Steel to light the machine. Looking at the Bloomery displays the progress and airflow.

Placing and using a Bellows or Mechanical Bellows (the latter of which requires the cog) next to the Bloomery improves airflow which accelerats the smelting process. The Bloomery dispenses ore slag in front of the machine while operating. This slag can be mined with a pickaxe; leaving it in front will inhibit the smelting process. The slag can be recycled for more ore via compacting in a Compacting Bin. Further refinement can be carried out with the Granite Anvil.


It is used as an early game method to smelt ores in the Glacial Awakening modpack.

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