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Bloodwood Tree
Tree Bloodwood.png
Mod Better With Mods
Width Unlimited
Height Unlimited
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The Bloodwood Tree is a tree added by Better With Mods. It does not generate normally and must be created by the player.

Bloodwood Saplings must be placed in The Nether on Soul Sand and will require a large area in order to grow. Unlike normal trees, the Bloodwood Tree will continue to grow until it has no space left. This means that, if left open, The Nether can be filled with just one single tree. Soul Urns can be thrown onto Bloodwood Saplings to make them instantly grow.

Bloodwood is the log that makes up the tree base, it is a valuable resource in the mod that can be harvested to gather souls in the form of Soul Dust. It can also be turned into Potash through a Stoked Cauldron. When cut using a Saw or an Axe in a Crafting Table, Bloodwood will output Jungle Wood Planks.