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Modicon Bloodmoon
Current developersLumien
Version1.12.2: 1.5.3
1.12.1: 1.5.2
1.12: 1.5.2
1.11.2: 1.5.1
1.11: 1.5.1
1.10.2: 1.5.1
1.10: 1.4.1
1.9.4: 1.4.1
1.9: 1.4.1
1.8.9: 1.4
1.8.8: 1.4
1.8: 1.3
Supported Minecraft versions1.8-1.12.2
Thaumcraftian Adventures 2

Bloodmoon is a mod created by Lumien. This mod adds a lunar event in which the moon is blood red, and causes increased spawning rate of hostile creatures. The moon, sky, and land will have a foggy red tint during this event. Hostile creatures will spawn significantly more frequently, and closer to the player, on the surface of the world. The blood moon event does not effect underground mob spawning (e.g., in caves).

By default, the blood moon event has a 5% chance of occurring each night. When it starts, a chat message will appear that says, "The Blood Moon is rising...".

The mod adds a configuration option that will prevent players from sleeping through nights in which the blood moon event occurs. It also adds a configuration option that will cause all mobs spawned during the blood moon event to vanish when the sun rises.

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