Blood Power

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Blood Power
Witchery Information
Ability type Vampire
Required level 10
Maximum blood {{{bloodmax}}}
Altar Power produced {{{altarpowerproduced}}}
Altar Power required {{{altarpowerneeded}}}
Altar Power required for brew {{{altarpowerbrew}}}
Altar Power required for ritual {{{altarpowerritual}}}
Effect level {{{brewlevel}}}
Brew component type {{{componenttype}}}

The Blood Power is a mechanic from Witchery. It is the core ability granted to level 10 vampires. It has 3 sub-abilities, of which only one can be enabled at a time. The player can give themselves one of these abilities by using a specific item on a filled Blood Crucible. Each ability has 5 charges per item. When one ability still has its charge and another ability is applied, it will overwrite all of the previous ability's charges.

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