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Block Protector

TypeSolid block

The Block Protector is a block added by RFTools. As the name suggests, the Block Protector protects blocks from being picked up, harvested or damaged by explosions, up to 10 blocks from the Block Protector. The Block Protector consumes a variable amount of RF power (see below).

A Smart Wrench is required to select blocks for protection.



  1. Right-click your wrench in the air to switch it to Focus mode.
  2. Sneak right-click the Block Protector to pair the wrench with the Block Protector.
  3. Right-click blocks that require protection. As each block is selected, it will be highlighted in yellow. Right-click a second time to de-select. Blocks must be selected individually, there is no group selection.
  4. Right-click the Smart Wrench in the air again to return to Wrench mode. The block highlighting will be removed.



No further action is required for blocks to be protected except the supply of RF power.

Power Requirements

In-game documentation does not specify exact numbers but advises that in addition to a small amount of power needed continuously, extra power is required at the moment the protected blocks might be damaged. Further, it suggests that powerful explosions (such as from a Wither) may overload the Block Protector and recommends such areas be protected by multiple protectors covering small areas.

In-game testing suggests that protecting a 10x10 area consumes about 10,000 RF per second. The blocks tested were invulnerable to multiple blocks of TNT.

Further testing showed that while a single Block Protector was effective against the Wither's initial blast, it was not effective against its regular attacks.




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