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This page is about the Block Breaker from MineFactory Reloaded. For other uses, see Block Breaker.
Block Breaker

ModMineFactory Reloaded

The Block Breaker is a machine added by MineFactory Reloaded. It is used to break blocks directly in front of it; its area of effect can be viewed by holding a Precision Sledgehammer. It requires power to function, such as Redstone Flux (RF) or Energy Units (EU).

It uses 60 RF per operation and has an internal buffer of 64,000 RF. When breaking blocks, the Block Breaker will expel the block's items from its rear as if the player broke the block with an ordinary pickaxe (i.e., no mcw:Fortune or mcw:Silk Touch enchantments) if there are no adjacent inventories or pipes. It will not break any blocks that the player cannot ordinarily break, such as Bedrock.