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This page is about the Expanded Redstone Block Breaker. For other uses, see Block Breaker.
Block Breaker

ModExpanded Redstone

The Block Breaker is a machine from Expanded Redstone. As the name implies, it is used to break blocks. This machine has a set durability, which is dependent on the recipe used to create it. It has four material levels: diamond, iron, stone, and wood. It is activated by a redstone pulse. The machine will drop the block's drops in approximately the same location that the block was in.

Diamond, iron, and stone tiered Block Breakers can break an infinite amount of blocks. Wood, however, can only break 128 blocks until it stops working.

Diamond Block Breakers can also break up to 12 blocks in the direction that it is facing, while all of the other tiers can only break a single block.

The Block Breaker cannot break air blocks, bedrock, or any block with a hardness level less than zero. Wood and Stone Block Breakers can only break blocks that do not require a tool to harvest. Iron Block Breakers can only break blocks that can be harvreted properly with an Iron Pickaxe. Lastly, Diamond Block Breakers can break any block that meets the initial criteria, and is not a Block of Lapis Lazuli, as this block is supposed to work as a barrier for the machine.