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This page is about the Blazing Pyrotheum added by Thermal Expansion 3. For other uses, see Blazing Pyrotheum.
Blazing Pyrotheum

ModThermal Expansion 3
Thermal Foundation

Blazing Pyrotheum is a fluid added by Thermal Expansion 3 and Thermal Foundation. It is an extremely hot, extremely dangerous lava-like fluid. It can be used in the Magmatic Dynamo as an alternative to Lava. It can be placed in the world, in which case it will flow at lava speed to a distance of up to 5 blocks. If Blazing Pyrotheum touches certain blocks that can be smelted into other blocks, it will instantly smelt them (such as Sand into Glass). Additionally, the presence of fluid Blazing Pyrotheum will cause nearby blocks to randomly catch fire. Source blocks of Blazing Pyrotheum will slowly flow downward if able. Any entities that touch fluid Blazing Pyrotheum will be set on fire and take significant damage. Blazing Pyrotheum will also be used instead of lava when a draconic reactor explodes if Thermal Foundation is installed.