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This page is about this page is about the block added by Quark. For other uses, see Blaze Lantern (The Future Mod!).
Blaze Lantern

TypeSolid block

The Blaze Lantern is a block added by Quark. It emits the same light level as glowstone or sea lanterns. It is mostly a cosmetic difference from sea lanterns or glowstone.


This block can be obtained without the use of tools.

It takes 0.45 seconds to break with an empty hand.

Natural generation

Blaze lanterns occur rarely in the nether near the top of obsidian spires. It can also be crafted.



Light source

Blaze Lanterns act in very much the same way as glowstone, sea lanterns, jack-o-lanterns, and redstone lamps when it comes to lighting. It emits a light level at level 15. This is the highest light level in the game.

Redstone circuits

Just as with glowstone, redstone signals can only travel up this block, not down. Staggering them in a 2x1 pattern with redstone on top of them will allow redstone dust signal to travel up the column.


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